Visitor Programs

Let us share our world with you!

The Llikchary Institute is dedicated to cultural exchange. Visitors are hosted at the Llikchary Institute in small groups, in a casual, family-like setting – organized through Llikchary Expeditions. Visits can be personalized, combining nature tours and cultural experiences that reflect the interests of visitors. Or, just come and discover what is here. Either way, we would love to give you a once-in-a-lifetime meaningful, genuine connection with the forest and her people.

Let us know about you! Are you a bird watcher who would like the calm and freedom of a solo, family or friends-only tour? Are you an artisan who would like to learn basketry, pottery, jewelry making or other traditional arts? A craftsman or builder interested in traditional tools, techniques and materials? A forester or regenerative agriculturist interested in traditional resource use? Are you a teacher who would like to help young people with their English conversation skills? Do you have other technical skills you would be interested in spending a day or two teaching? Do you have an interest in traditional stories, spirituality, or medicine? Are you a social justice warrior who would like to learn about the unique challenges facing indigenous communities at the interface of tradition and modernity? Are you foodie interested in traditional foraging and cooking? An adventurer interested in survival techniques in the jungle? Are you a botanist or houseplant enthusiast who would love combing through the forest for fascinating plants?

Just come! Open your eyes and see what is here!

For visitors to Sani Isla who prefer a more resort-like vacation with private rooms, the community also owns and operates The Sani Lodge. Most eco-lodges in the region are owned and operated by outside businesses. Many are forest and community allies with a commitment to conservation, and reliable employers for indigenous workers. But for visitors to Sani Isla, whether at the lodge or the Llikchary Institute, every dollar spent goes directly to the community of Sani Isla as income or services.