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My name is Danny Gualinga, and I’m a member of the Sani Isla Kichwa indigenous community of Ecuador. My dream since childhood has been to open the eyes of the youth in my community, as well as the international community, to the cultural richness of the Kichwa people. The name of the Institute comes from a word from the Kichwa language that embodies this concept. “Llikchary” means to wake up, get up, and open your eyes to appreciate what you have.


The Llikchary Institute is located in the rainforest indigenous community of Sani Isla located between the Cuyabeno Nature Reserve and the internationally known Yasuni National Park in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The community is home to over 300 Kichwa families and hosts an array of spectacularly diverse flora and fauna: 1,500 tree species, 550 tropical bird species, 1,000 butterfly species,13 monkey species, and hundreds of climbing vines and flowers.

The Llikchary Institute is an inspirational learning center which strives to combat indigenous cultural erosion, ensure Amazon forest conservation, and provide a conduit for Kichwa elders to share their knowledge and language. We are preparing for the exciting next steps in our long-term plan, which will be showcased in our new website.

The Institute works to instill a sense of pride in cultural traditions in younger generations and the local community while providing international students, travelers, scientists and researchers a chance to immerse themselves in authentic cultural experiences.  We offer classes for community members and plan to host full time live-in programs for volunteers and workshops for international visitors. Currently, tourists are welcomed in small groups for a personalized experience in a family-like setting.


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