We are seeking volunteers! There are many opportunities, depending on your skills and interests.

Website maintenance and updates

We do not need an expert website developer, or an expert in WordPress. All that is required is to be comfortable learning how to use the WordPress editor. If you don’t mind following up on clues from help pages and user forums to answer your questions about the technology you use every day, this will be easy for you.


We are currently beginning the hard work of seeking funding for the next phase of our long-term plan. We could use advice and assistance in locating and applying for grants, public outreach, and fundraising campaigns.

Social Media

We would like to create new social media accounts and develop a strategy for updating and promoting them. It would be great to have someone watch the accounts, flag problems and make suggestions.

Shop management

We have an Etsy shop for community-made jewelry and crafts. We have a team member who ships the items. It would be great to have someone keep their eye on the store, make sure we don’t miss orders, and read reviews and flag problems.