Rebuilding our Emergency Fund

We are currently rebuilding our emergency fund, which was depleted by concurrent catastrophes of the last several years. The recent emergency was triggered by dangers that chronically threaten the community. The disasters of recent years have had long-term effects that the Sani Isla community is still struggling to recover from. In 2020 there was a catastrophic oil spill on the Rio Napo that caused a lack of potable water, and the end of fishing for food. The people who interacted with the water were exposed to toxic chemicals that made them sick, and are likely to cause long-term health effects. Very soon after, exactly when the community needed income to handle this major crisis, their source of income abruptly ended. The COVID-19 pandemic caused serious illness in the community and eliminated all community income from ecotourism and outside jobs.

It made us heartsick when, on January 28th, 2022 a new rupture of the very same pipeline brought yet more devastation to the health of the people, the river and the forest. During crises, the Llikchary Institute digs deep to help supply needed food, potable water and medicine. We are currently rebuilding our emergency fund so that we are ready to stand by Sani Isla when urgent needs arise.

Please help us in providing some comfort and relief to the people of Sani Isla. We are grateful for each and every donation, no matter what size. We know that with our support Sani Isla can continue their progress toward sustainability and autonomy.