Our Mission

   Healthy rainforests depend on healthy indigenous communities

Most indigenous communities in the Amazon basin have been significantly impacted by colonial forces, and struggle to protect their land and culture. They must fight against government-supported pressure to open their forest to extraction industries, as well as those industries’ constant illegal incursions on their territory. Many have been pulled into the cash economy of the outside world, and there is now poverty in these communities. With increasing exposure and assimilation, culture and traditional wisdom are being lost. Without an attachment to the culture and wisdom of their ancestors, younger generations lose their attachment to the forest. Without that attachment, future generations may not have the will to continue the difficult fight.


There is no going back, but there is a way forward.


We are working toward a culturally, economically, and ecologically sustainable future for indigenous communities on the Rio Napo in the Ecuadoran Amazon. We are starting with our home community of Sani Isla. We believe indigenous young people, who already live in two worlds, can achieve their goals, and pursue happiness, in an intact homeland and culture. As we grow, we will invite youth from neighboring communities to the year-long boarding program we are creating. We want youth of the entire region prepared to create a dignified, sustainable future for their own communities, while strengthening community alliances up and down the Rio Napo. United, communities can mount a stronger defense against injustice and exploitation.

We want to give the young people in the village the opportunity to acquire skills (English and Spanish language, technical skills, cultural studies and more), which will enable them to build a future for themselves and our village. We want to give them pride in their culture and traditional knowledge. We would like to offer visitors the opportunity to engage in a meaningful way, to get involved with the Llikchary Institute to preserve our future.

Your donation, no matter how small, will make a difference. With very few overhead costs, every dollar directly supports our programs, facilities, and living expenses for on-site indigenous staff.

Together, we can do it, one community at a time.

Below is a video created when Llikchary was still a dream, and we needed support to build. We now have our building and have been offering classes and hosting visitors for a number of years. Our vision and motivation continues unabated, and we are planning our exciting next steps. We are currently gathering the financial and human resources to create our year-long boarding program for young people, and to expand our visitor programs.